Happy Halloween!

If the neighborhood Halloween decorations are any indication, it appears we're all ready for a little fun and celebration. I've been so impressed by the set-ups I see on our daily walks. My favorite is a bright orange blow-up pumpkin with the goofiest swirling eyes and a jack-o-lantern smile.


Any time I see an elaborate yard set-up I think of my first husband and my girls' father, Dwight. When the girls were six and three, we moved into a new home. Laura very quickly became best friends with the little girl next door, Tanya. The very first Halloween Dwight rigged up a ghost that would pop out of the shrubs when he pulled a rope, all set to a track of spooky, atmospheric music. It was quite the scare! The night of Halloween, we were Tanya's first stop. As she approached, she sweetly said, "Trick or Treat, Laura's dad!" It was then that Dwight gasped, exaggerated, "What's that behind you, Tanya?" She quickly turned around to the rigged ghost popping up out of the bushes. She screamed and cried and had to be taken home for the night! No more trick-or treating for Tanya that Halloween… Laura's best friend!


My girls and I love to tell that story each Halloween as a way to remember what a fun dad Dwight was. It always brings us a big laugh and keeps the memory of Dwight, who was killed in an automobile accident when the girls were just nine and six, near. Maybe you have a memory like this, too. If that's the case, I hope it also brings you a much-needed belly laugh.


Halloween falling on a Sunday this year means we'll get to spend the day together without any interruptions. Even though I no longer have children at home to dress-up, Jim does love to hand out the Halloween treats. We'll want some dinner before the doorbell starts chiming! I would be okay with a couple of nice appetizers, but that won't suffice for him. My chili with all the toppings will suit us both just fine. We also love a grilled hot dog to go along with the chili – top with cheese and you've got yourself a hearty, filling meal that pleases the whole family.


Below are some ideas for items you might like to make the day extra special for your family. Over at Gabriel's, we'll have chili by the quart, so swing by to pick-up an easy dinner. We'll also have pumpkin muffins, sugar cookies, and a spooky assortment of cupcakes. All, as always, made from scratch. Please let us know if we can do anything to make your day a little bit sweeter.




Johnnie Gabriel-McCann


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